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Becoming a Polar Bear

The Scum Beach Polar Bear Club is a semi-secret society of people who take one weekend to have fun in a way that other times don't allow. It's a group that has expanded over the years through word of mouth, the occasional marriage and some spontaneous invitations, kind of like a speak-easy for the deaf. If you are interested in coming to the party, your best bet is to tag along with someone else who is coming. That way they can warn you of what you are about to experience and watch you when you're in the water. If you don't know anyone else who is coming then you're welcome to email Joe or Ryan, but be warned that they're tough judges of character. This is a celebration of silliness, a fun time that doesn't accept egos, bastards or pain in the asses. It's also important to note that the party celebrates the adage "what happens at Polar Bear, stays at Polar Bear", unless it's something really embarrassing or funny, then we tell everyone we can. Visitors, protestors and press are always invited to the beach for the swim, usually around 3:30 EST.